Booking Terms and Conditions

Under which Go Kanada Travel Inc. offers its travel products and services.

Your enjoyment of your travel is important to us. Please read these Booking Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure your complete understanding and agreement prior to making a deposit or payment for a Tour or a travel service.

Ruling Language: The official language of Go Kanada Travel Inc. is English. These Booking Terms and Conditions may be available in other language than English.In the event of any inconsistency, the English version is the original language and any translation into other language shall be deemed as reference for information purposes only. In case of conflict, the English version shall prevail and will therefore be binding version for both parties.

LAST UPDATED: December 1, 2020

1.1      Ruling Language: These Booking Terms and Conditions may be available in other language than English. In the event of any inconsistency, the English version is the original language and any translation into other language shall be deemed as reference for information purposes only. In case of conflict, the English version shall prevail and will therefore be binding version for both parties.

1.2     By booking or participating in a tour or any related product(s) or service(s) (a “Tour”) with Go Kanada Travel Inc. (“GKT”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Go Kanada Travel”, “Go Kanada”, “Tour Operator”), you (“you”) agree to these Booking Terms and Conditions (the “Booking Terms”).

1.3     Your enjoyment of your travel is important to us. Please read these Booking Terms carefully to ensure your complete understanding and agreement prior to making a deposit or payment for a Tour. These Booking Terms may be supplemented by additional terms and conditions specific to your Tour (“Supplemental Terms”). In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the Supplemental Terms, the Supplemental Terms will apply.

1.4     These Booking Terms are subject to change after the publication; if you have any further questions after reading these Booking Terms, or for the latest version, please check our website or contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you. The applicable Booking Terms will be confirmed to you at the time of booking. The purchase of any travel service(s) offered by Go Kanada Travel Inc. constitutes a contractual arrangement between You and Go Kanada Travel Inc. The entire Booking Terms and Conditions form a contract between you and Go Kanada Travel Inc.

1.5     It is important that you read these Booking Terms together with the holiday information provided online or in print; they define our obligations to you but also impose some important commitments upon you.

We strongly advise you that you take out an insurance policy to cover you (and all members of your party), together with your personal property, at all times and for all potential risks. You must ensure that the insurance covers you for the full duration of your holiday, including, but not limited to, the cost of cancellation by you, cancellation and curtailment, the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness, loss of baggage and money, and in respect of any sports or activities that you may wish to do whilst on your holiday. You must also ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for the type of activities included in your holiday. If you don’t have holiday insurance cover at the time of booking, you may be personally liable for cancellation charges.

3.1      3.1 Your contract is with Go Kanada Travel Inc., an independent company registered in Alberta, Canada. The Company markets and distributes travel products and arranges for travel services offered in its publications or on its Website, including transportation, sightseeing, and accommodation through independent contracts.

3.2      You must be at least 19 years of age to make a booking.

3.3      In these Booking Terms “you” and “your” include the first named person on the booking and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made or any other person to whom a booking is added or transferred. By booking on behalf of other participants:

a) You are deemed to be the designated contact person for every participant included on that booking. This means that you are responsible for making all payments due in connection with your Tour booking, notifying us if any changes or cancellations are required and keeping your party informed.

b) You represent and warrant that you have obtained all required consents. You are responsible for verifying that any information you provide on behalf of another participant is complete and accurate and GKT will under no circumstances be liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided to complete a booking.

3.4     Once you have received your confirmation invoice, it is your responsibility to check that the information and booking details, including the spelling of all passenger names, as stated on your invoice are correct and match the passport details. If any of the details on the confirmation invoice are incorrect, you must notify us immediately. We will pass on any additional charges incurred because of these details not being correct. We reserve the right to refuse to accept and/or not proceed with any booking at any time at our sole discretion.

3.5     When you make a booking for a Tour with us where Go Kanada Travel is your holiday package provider, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the terms of these Booking A binding contract (on you and each member of your party) for a Tour with GKT will exist between us as soon as we issue our confirmation invoice to you (in hard copy or by email if you have provided us with your email address). This contract is made on the terms of these Booking Terms and Conditions.

4.1      You are responsible for assessing whether a Tour is suitable for you and everyone else on the same booking. You should consult your physician to confirm your fitness for travel and participation in any planned activities. You should seek your physician’s advice on vaccinations and medical precautions. Go Kanada Travel does not provide medical advice. It is your responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each aspect of the Tour based on your own unique circumstances, limitations, fitness level, and medical requirements.

4.2      Travel with Go Kanada Travel may involve visiting remote regions, where medical care may not be easily accessible and medical facilities may not meet the standards of those found in your home country. The condition of medical facilities in the regions you may visit on your Tour varies and Go Kanada Travel makes no representations and gives no warranties in relation to the availability or standard of medical facilities in those regions.

4.3      Some of our Tours incorporate active elements such as hiking, climbing or canoeing; you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the level of activity that will be involved in your Tour. You must disclose any existing physical or mental illness, disability, pregnancy or any other condition which may create a health hazard for yourself or others during the Tour or for which you may require medical attention or special accommodation during the Tour. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs, but you must notify us at the time of booking for a determination of what assistance we can reasonably provide. We regret that we cannot accommodate you if you have special needs for ordinary daily activities, such as walking and dining. In no instance will our Suppliers or we physically lift or assist you on to or off any vehicles. If we cannot accommodate your special needs, you must be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for independently providing the needed assistance.

4.4      We reserve the right to decline acceptance of anyone we consider unsuitable due to fitness level. We also reserve the right to remove you from the Tour, at your own expense, if your condition is such that it could create a hazard to you or others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of other passengers.

4.5      You represent and warrant that you and everyone travelling with you are physically and otherwise fit to travel.

4.6      You are solely responsible for checking (on your own behalf and on behalf of all those in your group) with your (or the group member’s) doctor as to which vaccination (including from any specific illness or exposure to animals) or medication are recommended or required for those countries for those travelling and for any assistance that may be required.

4.7      Go Kanada Travel (or its suppliers) cannot accept any responsibility for your failure to comply with the necessary medical requirements.

5.1       All quoted prices, unless specified otherwise, are in Canadian Dollars, per person, double occupancy except where indicated. Single travellers will be expected to pay single supplement fee. All tours and itineraries are based on, but not limited to, airlines/hotel/cruise/land/ferry/attraction/tour policies, schedules and operational conditions at the time of publishing. We reserve the right to increase Tour prices to cover increased costs, tariffs and taxes after prices are published and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets. We will not give a breakdown in the price of a Tour or its parts.

5.2       In the case of human or computer error, Go Kanada Travel reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price or service.

5.3       If flight schedules change, any necessary additional expenses including extra night(s) accommodation will be passed on to the passenger, inclusive of air and cruise fuel surcharges which are subject to change.

5.4       The price of your holiday will not be subjected to any surcharges except for those resulting from increases in dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes at airports. In such a case, we will absorb an amount equivalent to 2% of the holiday price (excluding any amendment charges or insurance premiums). Only amounts over and above 2% will be passed on. In the unlikely event of the surcharge exceeding 10% of the holiday price, after absorption of the 2% referred to above, you have the right to cancel within 14 days of the issue date printed on the surcharge invoice and be reimbursed any monies paid towards the holiday price, excluding any amendment charges or insurance premiums, or the option of accepting a change to another holiday if we are able to offer one (if it is of lesser value you will be refunded the difference in price). No surcharge will in any case be levied less than 30 days before the date of departure.

5.5       Inclusions: Quoted Tour price includes (unless specified otherwise): accommodation, airfares, airport transfers (excluding travel to/from your home to the airport), special dinners, land transportation, sightseeing, and services of local guides as detailed in the tour itinerary. Gratuities for meals included in the tour itinerary are included in the tour cost.

5.6       Exclusions: Quoted Tour prices DO NOT INCLUDE trip insurance; transportation to and from the Tour (unless otherwise noted); costs associated with obtaining passports or entry visas; excess baggage charges; gratuities to the Tour directors, drivers and guides; meals other than those specified in the Itinerary; sightseeing not included in the Itinerary; any personal expenses such as laundry, communication charges and optional activities (which are subject to availability); incidentals; hotel room-service charges; pay-per-view movies; alcoholic and bar beverage; mini-bar; laundry; telephone calls; porterage or any item/service other than those specifically mentioned in “Tour Includes” of each itinerary and all other items of a personal nature. Shore excursions on cruises are optional and not included.

6.1       To make a reservation, please use the online booking system on our Website. If you require further assistance with making a reservation, please contact our customer service team by phone or email.

6.2       The Tour deposit amount is listed on our Website or in your brochure.

6.3       The amount of deposit payable in respect of your holiday will be confirmed to you at the time of your booking.

6.4       Certain products or services may require you to provide a higher deposit or make full payment at the time of booking. We will advise you of any such requirement prior to confirmation of the applicable booking.

6.5       To hold space up to time of “Final Payment,” a deposit for each tour booked must be received by the “Deposit Due Date” or space is automatically released.

6.6       Deposit Due Date: When booking online, a non-refundable deposit is due within 7 (seven) days of the initial reservation. Unless specified otherwise, if the initial booking is made 70 (seventy) days or less prior to departure, full payment is due at the time of booking.

6.7       Final Payment: Final payment is due 70 (seventy) days prior to departure unless otherwise indicated on the Website or in the brochure. If your reservation is made within 70 (seventy) days of departure, the entire cost of the trip must be paid at the time of the request in order to secure confirmation.

6.8       We are not responsible for cancelled land or air reservations in the event full payment is not received by the final payment date.

6.9       Your payment is not deemed made until it is received by Go Kanada Travel.

6.10     Your booking is not confirmed until the deposit/full payment is received by Go Kanada Travel and you have received a booking confirmation.

7.1       We will make commercially reasonable efforts to keep the Itinerary as it has been published; however, the final Itinerary may vary due to availability and factors beyond our control.

7.2      Go Kanada Travel and its contractors and suppliers such as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, attractions, national parks, restaurants, etc. constantly strive to optimize their offers and features. If improvements can be made or unforeseen conditions beyond our control require changes, we reserve the right to change itineraries / travel programs / hotels.

Occasional restorations, constructions and improvements may result in the closing of exhibits, trails, attractions, viewing platforms, etc. During local or national holidays abroad, certain facilities such as museums, theatres, sightseeing tours and shopping facilities may be restricted. In such cases and wherever possible, Go Kanada Travel will make minor changes to the itinerary to minimize passenger inconvenience.

7.3       We reserve the right to change hotels or the routing prior or during the operation of the tour should unforeseen circumstances make those changes in our opinion necessary.

8.1       Go Kanada Travel makes every effort to operate all tours as advertised, however we reserve the right to alter or curtail the itinerary, or substitute sightseeing, ports, accommodation, and/or conveyances as deemed necessary.

8.2       Please note that the order of events on itineraries is subject to alteration due to local circumstances, unscheduled closures etc. However, every effort will be made to include all elements of the programme during the tour dates or a suitable alternative which will be notified to you.

8.3       We may in our sole discretion substitute services such as hotels or goods of similar quality for any service or good stated in the Itinerary. We do plan the arrangements many months in advance and occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time. We also reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel it.

8.4       We will not cancel your travel arrangements less than 60 (sixty) days before your departure date, except for reasons of force majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance. If we are unable to provide the booked travel arrangements, you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangement.

8.5      We reserve the right to cancel any Tour because of inadequate enrollment that makes the trip economically infeasible to operate or because of our concerns with respect to the safety, health or welfare of our travelers or staff. If we cancel a Tour, our liability is limited to a full refund of your payments to us and we will not be liable for any other costs, damages or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment or expense whatsoever in such circumstances. If a Tour in progress must be interrupted or canceled, our liability shall be strictly limited to refund of the recoverable cost of any unused portion of the Tour.

8.6      After departure, if the services included in the vacation cannot be supplied or there are changes in an itinerary for reasons beyond our control, we will arrange for the provision of comparable services. Any resulting additional expense will be the responsibility of vacation participant.

8.7     If you are notified by us that your booking is cancelled when your booking is with a different principal(s) or supplier(s), then the principal(s) or supplier(s) will have their own terms relating to cancellation charges and these will be detailed in their Supplier Terms. Therefore, we would draw your attention to the cancellation provisions in the Supplier Terms as you must pay the cancellation charges set out therein.

8.8     Cruise Lines reserve the right to substitute vessels, cancel a cruise and/or change an itinerary even when a cruise is in progress. GKT will not be held responsible for any of these occurrences.

9.1      You may cancel your travel arrangements with us at any time by serving written notification that must be received at our offices. Your cancellation date will be the date on which we receive your notice. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges set out below.

9.2       Cancellation Charges

a)    If we receive your cancellation notice seventy (70) days or more from the Tour departure date, we will retain twenty percent (20%) of the Tour price.

b)    If we receive your cancellation notice sixty-nine (69) to thirty-six (36) days prior to the departure date, we will retain fifty percent (50%) of the Tour price.

c)     If we receive your cancellation notice thirty-five (35) to fifteen (15) days prior to the departure date, we will retain eighty percent (80%) of the Tour price.

d)    If we receive your cancellation notice fourteen (14) to eight (8) days prior to the departure date, we will retain eighty percent (85%) of the Tour price.

e)     If we receive your cancellation notice seven (7) days or fewer prior to the departure date, we will retain ninety-five percent (95%) of the Tour price.

f)      Any penalty imposed by an airline, including for airline service between points on the Tour (“Internal Air”) or travel to or from the Tour, is your responsibility.

g)    Cancellation charges overview table:

Days before Departure Amount Payable
A 70 days or more 20 % of holiday cost
B 69 – 36 days 50 % of holiday cost
C 35 – 15 days 80 % of holiday cost
D 14 – 8 days 85 % of holiday cost
E 7 days or less 95 % of holiday cost

9.3       Note: If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.

9.4       We regret that no credit or refund is possible for any unused services provided in the cost of the Tour.

9.5       If you decide to alter your travel arrangements whilst abroad, this is your responsibility and we are not responsible for any extras or difficulties that may arise with onward travel and because of such alterations.

9.6       You will be asked to pay an administration charge of CA$75 and any further cost we incur in making any alteration or revision. You should be aware that these costs could increase the closer to the departure date the changes are made and you should contact us as soon as possible.

9.7       A change of tour date or tour itinerary within seventy (70) days of departure will be treated as a cancellation and new booking; regular cancellation fees apply. Spelling corrections to passengers’ names after reservation may be subject to space availability, and if after tickets have been issued, will be subject to airline fees as well.

9.8       Note: Certain travel arrangements may not be changeable after a reservation has been made and any alteration request could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements.

9.9       Note: When we are acting as agents for other supplier(s) or principal(s), any terms relating to changes to a customer’s booking in such circumstances will be set out in the relevant Supplier Terms.

9.10   Your decision not to participate on the Tour due to government issued travel warnings, fear of travel, illness or any other reason will be deemed a cancellation. If a flight or other delay for any reason prevents you from joining the Tour on the Tour departure date and time, you will be considered a no-show, and we cannot provide a full or partial refund or credit toward a future Tour, but you may join the Tour late if you wish. Any additional associated costs will be your responsibility.

If any provision of these Booking Terms is so broad as to be unenforceable, such provision will be interpreted to be only so broad as is enforceable. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision hereof will in no way affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision.

All dates, itineraries and prices of Tours are subject to change at any time and the current price will be quoted and confirmed at the time of booking, subject to any surcharges that may be levied in accordance with these Booking Terms.

Single travellers may be requested to sit with other singles on the motor coach, so travelling couples can sit together.

Optional Extras refers to any activity, transportation, meal, product, or service not expressly included in the Tour itinerary or price of the Tour and do not form part of the Tour. You agree that any assistance given by our representative(s) in arranging, selecting, or booking, any Optional Extras is purely at your request and Go Kanada Travel makes no warranties and expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever arising from participation in Optional Extras or any information provided by any representative of Go Kanada Travel regarding any Optional Extras. You release Go Kanada Travel from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages, loss of enjoyment, inconvenience, injuries or death related to or arising from participation in or booking of Optional Extras.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any special Dietary needs. Whilst we make every effort to satisfy your request by passing the information onto the hotel(s) or restaurants, it cannot be guaranteed.

15.1       We can provide general information about the passport and visa requirements for your holiday, but your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates.

15.2     The passport, visa and health requirements at the time of booking can be viewed online. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and all members of your party are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents, and in compliance with any other immigration requirements, before you travel. Neither we, nor the principal(s) or supplier(s), accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.

15.3       You should carry a full passport, valid for at least 6 months after the end of your holiday.

15.4     It is your sole responsibility to ensure your legal eligibility to travel. You are advised to check with the appropriate Government authority to determine the necessary documents and travel eligibility requirements. If you or anyone travelling with you become ineligible to travel for any reason, or are travelling without proper documentation, then you will not be allowed to travel. Under no circumstances shall Go Kanada Travel Inc. be liable for any costs, damages or expenses whatsoever incurred by you or anyone else as a result of such denial of boarding.

15.5       Electronic Travel Authorization (Canada)

a)    Please note that visitors to Canada require an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to Canada by air. An eTA is electronically linked to a traveller’s passport. It is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.  If you get a new passport, you need to get a new eTA.

b)   With a valid eTA, you can travel to Canada as often as you want for short stays (normally for up to six months at a time). You do not need an eTA for travel within Canada.

c)    An eTA doesn’t guarantee entry to Canada. When you arrive, a border services officer will ask to see your passport and other documents. You must convince the officer that you are eligible for entry into Canada.

d)   Applying for an eTA is a simple online process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Most applicants get their eTA approval (via an email) within minutes. However, some requests can take several days to process if you’re asked to submit supporting documents.

NOTE: It is best to get an eTA before you book your flight or travel to Canada to avoid any cancellation charges in case you do not receive an eTA.

e)    Applying for an eTA is a simple online process that takes just a few minutes to complete. Most applicants get their eTA approval (via an email) within minutes. However, some requests can take several days to process if you’re asked to submit supporting documents. It is best to get an eTA before you book your flight to Canada.

f)    To complete the form, you will need your passport, a credit or debit card, and an email address. You must also answer a few questions. For detailed, current instructions, please visit the Canada Immigration website.

g)   Deutsch

h)   English

We assume no liability for loss or damage to baggage in transit to and from a Tour or while on a Tour. We recommend purchasing a supplemental travel insurance package.

Images featured on our Website or in print are for information purposes only; images and other graphic content should not be relied upon for the purposes of your booking and cannot be considered as part of this agreement.

Foreign transaction fees (sometimes called currency conversion fees), processing and transfer fees are charged by most credit card companies and financial institutions. Under no circumstances shall GKT be responsible for any fees charged by the financial institutions. All payments to GKT must have all financial charges paid for by you.

19.1       GKT is not responsible if an airline reschedules, cancels, or delays a flight for any reason.

19.2       If you miss a flight, it is your responsibility to work with an airline on which you are ticketed to reach your destination.

19.3       GKT is not responsible for and will not provide any refund for portions of trips missed due to cancelled, rescheduled, or delayed flights.

19.4       Due to different air mileage policies, GKT Is not responsible for the earning of air mileage collection programs.

19.5      Flight schedules are subject to change without notice. You are responsible to reconfirm flight details at least 24 hours prior to each flight. This can usually be done by calling the airline or online. If you do not verify your details with the airline in time and are subsequently denied boarding, you will be directly responsible for any incurred charges by the airline.

19.6      Some airlines allow an online check-in through their website within 24 hours prior or departure. You can also print your own boarding pass once the online check-in is completed.

19.7      Please ensure that all your travel, passport, visa and insurance documents are in order and that you arrive in plenty of time for checking in at the airport.

19.8       Aircraft Seat assignment

a)   We cannot book pre-assigned seat(s) for any clients. Aircraft seating is conducted by the airline staff at the check-in counter or automatically given by their system.

b)   Some travel arrangements (e.g.  flight tickets purchased specifically from some airlines) may not be refundable or transferable after your booking is made and any alteration request may incur cancellation charge of up to 100% of that particular part of the holiday arrangement.

19.9       Baggage Allowance

Air carriers have individual rules and regulations with respect to baggage weight, size and number. Baggage allowance is subject to acceptance by the carrier. Baggage exceeding the maximum restrictions is subject to expensive overage fees. Go Kanada Travel cannot be held liable for additional fees or inconveniences imposed by the airline. We urge you to check with your airline before travelling to verify the restrictions.

19.10   Name Corrections

Within 90 days prior of departure date, a handling fee of $75 per person will be due to any additional fee imposed by the airline. Any alteration will risk the loss of air space or increased air fares.

Note: Go Kanada Travel WILL NOT be held responsible for denial of service by a carrier due to any name discrepancy. It is your responsibility to ensure your name on the ticket matches your government identification (passport) ID used for travel.

19.11    Air transportation is subject to all applicable government regulations and is governed by the Warsaw Convention and the Conditions of Contract appearing on the airline ticket.

19.12    Please do not pack travel documents, cash or valuables in checked baggage.

20.1      Go Kanada Travel strives for a balanced choice in our hotel selection, taking into consideration published ratings, value, client feedback, location, and availability.

20.2      Please be aware that star ratings can vary greatly on the basis of location, available alternatives, local market conditions, practices or other circumstances. Thus, it is possible that a star rating in one particular country or city is not comparable to the same star rating in another country or city due to such circumstances. In North America, including Canada, the CAA and American Automobile Association (AAA) jointly review the hotel and restaurant market. In addition, Canada Select and National Tour Association also provide their own star rating.

20.3      Where applicable, the Accommodation star or other denoted ratings are provided for your information only. Star ratings may be unrelated to any other ratings assigned by government tourism authorities. We do not independently verify star ratings. A star rating is only indicative of the level of comfort you can expect to find, with a higher star rating generally being indicative of a higher level of comfort and amenities. Our hotel star ratings are not a representation or promise of any particular feature or amenity.

20.4       The hotels we offer are subject to change. We reserve the right to substitute one of comparable quality, subject to availability.

20.5       Your designated hotel(s), where applicable, will be shown on your travel documents, which will be sent no later than two weeks before departure.

20.6       Hotels and accommodation providers are solely responsible for room allocation, in accordance with he category reserved by customers. Should you choose to alter your room category upon arrival at destination (upon availability), you must make your own arrangements with the hotelier and assume all additional fees levied by them.

20.7       Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any special accommodation preferences, such as a ground floor room or a room adjacent to another traveller. Whilst we make every effort to satisfy your request by passing the information onto the hotel(s) or restaurants, it cannot be guaranteed.

21.1     If you are under 19 (nineteen) years old, you are considered at law to be a minor and we will therefore require your parent(s)/guardian to sign a Form of Consent relating to your booking at the time of booking. A Form of Consent can be obtained from GKT upon request.

21.2     Unless otherwise indicated in the Tour description, all Tour passengers must be at least ten (10) years of age. However, some activities contained within an Itinerary may have a different age restriction than the overall minimum age requirement, in which case details will be provided at the time of booking.

21.3      All bookings with a minor are subject to review and approval by the Tour Operator. If the consent of a parent, guardian, or any other person is required by applicable law for any minor to travel, the accompanying adult is responsible for securing all consents, documentation, and ensuring that they and the minor(s) meet all legal requirements to travel, to enter into, and depart from applicable countries and regions. The Tour Operator will not be responsible for any fees, damages, or losses incurred as a result of any failure to secure necessary consents, permits, and approvals.

21.4      Each adult on a booking with a minor or minor(s) is jointly and severally responsible for the behavior, wellbeing, supervision and monitoring of such minor(s), and jointly and severally accepts these Booking Terms for and on behalf of any minor(s) on their booking, including all assumptions of risk and limitations of liability. The Tour Operator does not provide care services for minors and expressly disclaims any responsibility for chaperoning or controlling any minor(s).

22.1     If you have a problem during your GKT holiday, please inform the GKT representative on tour immediately who will endeavour to put things right. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing us, giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist us to quickly identify your concerns and speed up our response to you.

22.2     It is strongly recommended that you communicate any complaint to your GKT representative while on holiday. If you fail to follow this simple procedure, we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in resort and this may affect your rights under this contract.

22.3    If you are not booking with us for a GKT tour, then because the contract(s) for your travel arrangements is between you and the principal(s) or supplier(s) under the Supplier Terms, any queries or concerns relating to the travel arrangements should be addressed to them. If you have a problem whilst on holiday, this must be reported to the principal/supplier or their local supplier or agent immediately. If you fail to follow this procedure there will be less opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to may be reduced or you may not receive any at all depending upon the circumstances. If you wish to complain when you return home, write to the principal/supplier. You will see the name and address plus contact details in any confirmation documents we send you. We will of course assist you with this if required – please contact our customer service team.

23.1     You are responsible for the proper conduct off all members of your party during the tour and for respecting the authority and following the directions of the Tour Director and the laws of the countries in your Itinerary during a Tour. We may exclude you from participating in all or any part of the Tour if, in our sole discretion, your condition or behavior renders you unfit for the Tour or unfit for continuation once the Tour has begun. Unfitness may include, without limitation, any behavior that, regardless of its cause, is inappropriate or offensive or interferes with the delivery of Tour services or may constitute a hazard or embarrassment. In such case, our liability shall be strictly limited to refund of the recoverable cost of any unused portion of the Tour.

23.2     Go Kanada Travel shall be under no obligation whatsoever to pay compensation to you or any member of your party, or meet any costs or expenses (including but not limited to alternative accommodation) you, or any member of your party, may occur as a result of your stay being terminated due to reasons under this “Clause 24.”

23.3     If you, or any member of your party, cause damage to the accommodation in which you are staying or to any property of suppliers of tours, excursions or other elements of your holiday arrangements, you must fully reimburse the accommodation provider or relevant supplier concerned for the cost of the damage before the end of your holiday (if the cost has been established by then), or as soon as it has been established if later. You must also indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (including all legal costs) made against us by the accommodation provider or any relevant supplier or third party as a result of such damage caused.

24.1      This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Alberta and the federal laws of Canada applicable in Alberta, and the parties irrevocably submit to and accept generally and unconditionally the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and appellate courts of Alberta in that regard.

24.2      Any dispute between the tour participant and Go Kanada Travel Inc. directly or indirectly relating to the Booking Terms and Conditions shall be first submitted to mediation at Calgary, Alberta, before a mediator mutually agreed to by the parties. If mediation is not successful, the dispute must be resolved by binding arbitration under Alberta laws in Calgary, Canada, where the arbitration shall be conducted before a single arbitration in English. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of costs and reasonable legal fees. Any action to enforce the arbitrator’s decision shall be brought in the courts of the province of Alberta.

24.3      Arbitration against GKT must be commenced within one year following the date of tour completion. Neither GKT nor any affiliate shall in any case be liable for other than compensatory damages, and you hereby waive any right to punitive damages.

24.4       You agree that neither GKT nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing services, any insurer or insurance administrator, or any other person.

24.5      The air carriers, accommodations, and other suppliers (including but not limited to trains, cruises, ferries, motor coaches, hotels, and restaurants) providing services are independent contractors and are not agents, employees, servants, or joint ventures of GKT or its affiliates.

24.6      Any information supplied by us on matters such as climate, when to travel, clothing, baggage, personal items etc. is given as general guidance and in good faith but we do not accept liability for any decisions based on the information supplied.

24.7      GKT acts as an agent for its suppliers, including but not limited to companies providing transportation, accommodation, and other services rendered. The right is reserved to withdraw all or part of any tour should conditions warrant and make such alterations in the itinerary as may be found necessary for the convenience and proper operation of any tour, without penalty.

24.8      All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by GKT are subject to the Terms and Conditions specified by the supplier, which are available upon request, and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied.

24.9     The international carriage of passengers is subject to international conventions and treaties, where applicable. These international agreements limit and, in some events, exclude the carrier’s liability to passengers (vacation participants). Where any claims or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or involves any travel arrangements ( including the process of getting on or off the transport concerned) provided by any air, sea, inland waterway, rail, or road carrier or any stay in a hotel, GKT’s maximum liability is the maximum which would be payable by the carrier or the hotel keeper concerned under the applicable international convention, treaty, or regulation applicable to the travel arrangements or hotel stays (e.g. the Warsaw Convention) in that situation.

24.10    No person, other than an authorized representative of Go Kanada Travel by a document in writing, is authorized to vary, add, or waive any term or condition in its brochure or its Website, including any term or condition set forth in the preceding provision.

24.11     Facsimile or scanned transmission of any signed document shall be deemed delivery of an original. If there are any conflicts between these Booking Terms and the Itinerary, these Booking Terms shall apply. All applications are subject to review and approval. We reserve the right to decline to do business with anyone on a non-discriminatory basis.

24.12   Validity: All dates, itineraries and prices of Tours are subject to change at any time and the current price will be quoted and confirmed at the time of booking, subject to any surcharges that may be levied in accordance with these Booking

24.13     Assumption of Risks and Release: If you participate in activities during your Tour, certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to, the risk of accidents in remote places without access to medical facilities, transportation or means of rapid evacuation and assistance; terrorist activities; and dangers of local law enforcement activity. You hereby expressly assume all of these risks and dangers, and you hereby expressly agree to forever release, discharge and hold us and our agents, employees, officers and directors, harmless against any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, suits, claims and demands of any and every kind and nature whatsoever which you now have or which may hereafter arise out of or in connection with your Tour or participation in any activities in which you participate.

24.14     Force Majeure / Act of God: We assume no responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of any matter beyond our exclusive control including but not limited to a delay or cancellation that causes you to miss all or any portion of the Tour, acts of God, acts of government, war, terrorist acts, riots, disaster, weather extremes or strikes. We have no special knowledge regarding the financial condition of the Suppliers, unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards or climate extremes at locations to which you may travel. You understand that health care standards, facilities and services abroad may be different or even inadequate for treating health conditions.

24.15   Limitation of GKT’s Liability and Damages: In no event will we be liable for any injury, loss, claim, damage or any special, punitive, exemplary, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether based in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, that arise out of or are in any way connected with the Tour, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. GKT’s liability for any loss, damage or injury, whether to property, physical or mental, arising from its own acts, omissions or negligence, is limited to the amount you paid to GKT for the services with respect to which you are claiming.

24.16    Indemnification of GKT: You agree to indemnify and save harmless GKT, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, against any liability, actions (including legal fees), claims, losses, costs and damages, which GKT may incur, sustain or pay arising out of or in connection with the customer’s negligent or intentional act or omission, in relation to any incident alleged to have occurred in destination and/or in relation to services provided by GKT.

24.17     These Booking Terms are binding upon all members of the customer’s family, dependants, estate, heirs, successors and legal personal representatives.

24.18     By making a reservation to purchase a Tour or travel arrangements from GKT, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and accept the Booking Terms and Conditions contained herein. Furthermore, when making a reservation for a GKT product on, you agree that you are solely responsible for such reservation.

24.1       Once you have confirmed your details (and those of your party) with us, we will proceed to confirm the booking with us (or if acting as an agent, we will book your travel arrangements with the relevant principal(s) or supplier(s)).

24.2       Please check that all names, dates and timings are correct on receipt of all documents and advise us of any errors immediately. Any changes to these details will incur the charges stated above. Please ensure that the names given are the same as in the relevant passport.

24.3       Except as expressly set out in these Booking Terms, only the necessary booking information that you provide to us will be passed on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements or other persons necessary for the provision of your travel arrangements. The information may also be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as required by law. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to us such as details of any disabilities and/or dietary requirements. Certain information may also be passed on to security or credit checking companies. If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers we will be unable to provide your booking.

24.4       Refer to our Privacy Policy published on our website for further details.